5 Tips to better family photos


As a family  photographer I wanted to share some advice on how to get better family photos. I work with fabulous families to create a fun and enjoyable experience. My focus is to capture the essence as a family, the special bond and love that everyone shares. I do it in a natural and organic setting. I wanted to share some of the tips to make your photo session more fun and have better pictures

5  Tips to Better Family Photos

1. Have fun and do things that you love to do together as a family. What are your family dynamics and personalities? What are your favorite activities? Doing the things the family likes to do together adds to the story, makes it fun and adds to the enjoyable experience. Parents are sometimes concerned how the kids will behave or if they will listen. However, no need to worry as I ask the kids to be themselves and have fun. Since we will be doing the things you love to do as a family and individually, the result will be photographs that reflect your kids’ personalities and the family will be captured more authentically.

2. Choose your favorite location.  Home is usually the most favorite place for the family.  It is where kids and adults feel most relaxed. It is familiar. It is also where family spends most of their time and its a nice element to have it reflected in the photographs. Your home doesnt have to be a certain size or in the best order. A living  place is imperfectly perfect. I only photograph in best light and if anything needs to be moved then I move it myself so nothing is distracting and the focus is just on you and your family.

3. Choose your clothing carefully and plan in advance.  The focus should be you and your family and clothing should not be a distraction. Clothing should  flatter and enhance your features without taking the focus away. When figuring out what clothing to wear, it is good to coordinate within the same color palette, but it  doesnt need to match perectly. I always ask mom to start with something that looks flattering on her and then pick the clothing for the rest of the family members. Colors that compliment each other or enhance the eye color of the subject will  look great on camera too. Another  thing to remember is for everyone to dress similarly,  meaning either all formal or all casual.

4.  Check the light and don’t forget about the weather. In fact, I start each session by finding the best light and planning in advance for it. However, the weather can change overnight so be sure to anticipate and frequently check it as it will affect the lighting. Rain might not interfere with the indoor photo session directly. However, it changes the light dramatically and it is good to keep checking the weather even when everything is planned.

5. Coordinate the time for the session when everyone is well fed and rested. The best time to do a session is in the morning when everyone is well rested and had a breakfast. The other option is in afternoon after the nap time and a meal. It is better to eat a good meal before the session than to  for it plan for it at the end of the session. Keep snacks handy so kids can eat something if they get hungry. Snack recommendations would include items that don’t take too long to eat and don’t leave any color on the face such as small bites of cheese, crackers, marshmallows. While lollypops might be an easy thing to bring at the same time they take too long to eat and leave color residue on small faces.

I hope those tips are helpful to you in planning your own family photo session. Another tip I have for moms is to plan ahead for themselves as they are usually getting everyone ready and don’t leave enough time for themselves. It would be best to plan in advance for hair and make up so mom is ready as well.

Below please find photographs from a family session of this cute (now) “big” sister Hazel.  We planed the session around what was important to the family and the favorite things they liked to do together. One of my favorite things to watch how they were reading the book all together with microphones. It was great to see how everyone became so animated and I felt I was part of a show. Usually little kids  do not have too much patience but doing the things they like to do we were able to capture Hazel and her family in a natural and authentic way.
mom and dad laughing in family photos
mom kissing little girl with pouty lips in a family portrait
big sister riding bicycle while having  lifestyle family photography


Would you like to capture your family with a fun and custom experience?! The best time to do it is NOW.

Schedule  a fun and relaxing photo session  that is custom to YOU and your family. Lets capture YOUR family story and preserve this special time in your lives. Photo sessions take place at the comfort of your home, chosen location or at our natural light studio, Please contact HERE

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