Newborn Photography in Manhattan NY Upper West Side


It was my pleasure to meet and photograph Baby Andreas and his lovely parents. The name Andreas means strong and he is definitely owning up to his name and growing up like a strong little boy to the delight of his parents. This newborn session was captured in their NYC home before their big move. I am happy to have had the opportunity of capturing their family and life at home.

If you live in Manhattan, NY  or other area of NYC areas and are interested in booking your in-home newborn photography or family lifestyle session please contact

newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0484.jpg
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newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0474.jpg

newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0495.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0485.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0488.jpg
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newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0491.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0487.jpg
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newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0494.jpg

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newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0496.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0481.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0480.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0477.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0473.jpg
newborn-photography-upper west-NY_0490.jpg

Would you like to capture the heart & soul of your family in the comfort of your home? Let’s tell YOUR story and preserve this special time in your lives. Lets be in touch! Email


Miriam  specializes in lifestyle family and newborn photography. To see more of Miriam’s work visit or  Facebook page  or  follow Instagram page for the latest news and updates.

Miriam Dubinsky Photography services  NJ and the NYC Areas. Book your session to take place at the comfort of your home in the surrounding areas of NYC and Northern NJ, including Manhattan, Upper West Side NY , Chelsea NY, Central Park, Hoboken NJ, Montclair NJ and more.

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Mehek Naseem : 23:16 January 25, 2017 Reply
Hey Miriam, I'm due in 2 weeks with my first. Wondering what your charges are and if you offer any newborn packages. I'm located in the city. Hoping to hear from you soon. Regards, Mehek
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