What Parents Should Wear to Newborn Photos | Clothing Guide


Newborn Photos Clothing Guide

Deciding on a photographer for your newborn photo session is an important decision. Once that is done, the next question is what to wear. I hope you find this newborn photos clothing guide helpful in planning your session.

Mom’s Clothing

It is best to start with the mom’s outfit. Choose a color that compliments her eyes and is both comfortable and flattering to wear. Perhaps a dress that is stretchy on top and more flowy on the bottom or a lace top and knee-length or midi skirt could work. Moms, avoid cap sleeves. Sleeveless is great on toned arms and 3/4 sleeves are universally flattering and slimming. Due to its lack of texture, I don’t normally recommend for adults to wear white colors unless it is lace which photographs really well. At the same time, soft and lighter colors are better for newborn photos in order for the focus to be on the baby and not on the bright colors.

Newborn Clothing

Babies look best in simple one color onesies. A plain white, grey or pastel color onesie is more than enough for your newborn photos. As a result, this insures the focus of the portrait is on the baby and not on the clothing he/she is wearing. Need to swaddle the baby? No problem. I recommend a solid light color as part of the newborn photos clothing guide. For example, a white or grey swaddle blanket looks great in photos.

Family Clothing

When choosing the family’s outfits, keep the same color scheme but choose various hues so you don’t match perfectly. Coordinate, but don’t match is the key. When being photographed in your home, simple, light or earth colored clothing looks best. For example, your husband can wear neutral top like light grey/charcoal grey/light blue and lighter/darker pants and you can wear neutral colors like the cream, hazel green, grey, vintage blue…. Your child could wear a neutral color outfit but doesn’t have to match you exactly. Barefoot? Even better.

Personal Feedback

Feel free to get your hair and makeup professionally done for a luminous look. As part of the full service, I like to go over the clothing before the session and provide individual feedback to each of my clients. Consequently, I provide feedback on the clothing you have in your closet or planning to purchase. It could be done in person or over the email. Remember, the main focus is your baby,  you and your family bond 🙂

To clarify, take a look at this session below for the newborn photos clothing guide. The family has a coordinating color scheme, but isn’t too matchy-matchy. What a treat it was to have grandma join us for this newborn session and take part in this special moment.

baby boy wearing white for the newborn portrait
NYC Newborn Photographer Miriam Dubinsky shares clothing guide on what parents should wear to newborn photos with dad kissing baby toes on mom's laps
father looking on baby and wearing blue shirt in newborn photos clothing guide
NYC Newborn Photographer photographs mom and dad wearing neutral clothing and looking at their baby
details of the newborn head in newborn photos photos taken in NYC home

mom wearing neutral rose color dress for newborn photos in NYCbaby hand of a newborn baby laying on the bed in NYC
best newborn photography NYC with parents with the baby and grandmother wearing neutral color clothing
mom wearing a beautiful rose dress and holding the baby in newborn portraits of their NYC apartment
baby boy wearing a white and blue onesie in newborn photos of their home
baby yawning in newborn photography session in Manhattan NY
mom laying down with her baby boy wearing rose dress and turquoise swaddle blanket in Chelsea NY
Newborn Photos Clothing Guide with mom and dad looking at each other in NYC newborn session
family wearing vintage pink and blue for the newborn photos at their home in New York, NY
Best Newborn Photography NYC with baby boy sleeping wrapped in white with cute baby toes


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