Twin Boys – Bergen County Family Photography

         This sweet family contacted me to photograph them before the holidays. Deirdre and Joshua have 3-year-old twin boys, Michael and Noelle. They are not only fun and energetic kids, but they adore each other to pieces. When I first read their family’s filled out questionnaire (something I send out to all families prior to the photo session to get to know the family better and plan the session accordingly), I knew I was in for a big challenge. I knew Mom wanted love filled images of her two boys, but I wasn’t quite sure how I would manage to direct two little boys who would probably just want to run around and have fun! It turned out that I had nothing to worry about. These boys are so loving and connected to each other that when I wanted to take an individual photo of each of them, Dad had to hold one back. And then as soon as I captured the image, they were back together and playing with each other once again!
        This family lifestyle session was very fun and relaxing with very minimal directing on my part. The kids felt it was more of a playdate than a photo session. It was taken at our natural light photo studio located in Passaic NJ, right outside NYC. To schedule your family photography session in your hom or favorite place to be email


family-photography-bergen county_0287

family-photography-bergen county_0307family-photography-bergen county_0291

family-photography-bergen county_0313family-photography-bergen county_0292family-photography-bergen county_0314

            These twin brothers are actually so identical that I could not even differentiate between the two in the beginning of the session. I had to call out both names and then see who responded in order to figure out if it was Michale or Noelle. Toward the end of the session I got to know them much better and was able to tell which one was which, but, only if they are right next to each other :). I wonder whether you can figure out their differences when looking at their photos.
family-photography-bergen county_0296family-photography-bergen county_0298family-photography-bergen county_0299family-photography-bergen county_0301family-photography-bergen county_0303

family-photography-bergen county_0310family-photography-bergen county_0306


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